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Avery &

Rhiannon Rhodes and Avery Meadows are best friends with genuine chemistry and juicy hourglass figures. Our doubles are a warm, giggly, sexy delight!

Simple Pleasures (GFE)

1 hour // $850

90 min // $1250

2 hours // $1650

The Works (PSE)

1 hour // $1050

90 min // $1550

2 hours // $2050


Social dates (either Simply Social or Plus One)


1 hour // $750

90 min // $1100

2 hours // $1500

The two of us are available for doubles whenever we are working in the same place. This is usually Wellington, but we sometimes tour together as well. Rhiannon's touring schedule notes when doubles are available with Avery.

To join the magic, contact Rhiannon or text Avery on 0273759791. 

Warning: A double with "Rhiavery" may result in 
suffocation under the weight of E and G cup breasts... But what a way to go!

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