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Overnight  & Fly Me To You

Overnight bookings and Fly Me To You (F.M.T.Y.) are available to clients I have met before.

My personal effects are off limits. Tampering with them in any way will result in an immediate termination of your booking with no refund.




Up to 14 hours (including at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.)

Location: I can either host you at my incall, or visit your hotel room/AirBnB, provided your accomodation is based in or near the CBD. Overnights at private residences are very unlikely, although exceptions may be made if we have a long-term client-companion relationship.

Fly Me To You

Don't want to wait for my next tour? Need a travelling companion? Fly me to you!

Price: Booking fee + travel costs + $80/hr travel time + accomodation fee for the night/s our session will take place.


I will send you a quote for tickets and accomodation, then book them myself.

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