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Guidelines & Policies

By making a booking, you are confirming your agreement to respect and follow the policies, boundaries and guidelines listed below.


My frequently asked questions go into more detail, or if you can't find your question there I am always happy to answer it directly. Don't be afraid to reach out!


Enquiries can be made in writing or via voice message.

When you first contact me, please include:


  • Your name

  • How you heard about me 

  • What service/s you are interested in booking

  • When and where you would like our session to take place

  • Your cellphone number (if you are enquiring via email)

You’re also welcome to include any session-related questions, concerns or information about yourself that you think might be useful! If there are times/dates where it would be inconvenient for you to receive texts or emails from me, please include these in your enquiry or at any stage thereafter.

Feel free to copy & paste the template below with the relevant details filled in, or use it as a guideline if you are leaving a voice message. (This message has been modified from an excellent exemplar written by Jenna Love.)

“Hi Rhiannon,   My name is [name], my number is [number] and my email is [email]. I heard of you through [insert directory website/Twitter/a recommendation from insert person here] and would love to spend some time with you.    My preference would be for [booking length and type]. [Mornings/Afternoons/Evenings] on [weekdays, weekends, certain dates] suit me best (or list a particular date/time if needed).   Looking forward to hearing from you, [name]”

International  Lovers

All enquiries from outside Aotearoa New Zealand must include your full legal name. My discretion is assured on this matter - I only need to know for my own safety. For more information about how I keep your details safe, please read my Discretion and Privacy policy. Your legal name is a screening requirement, but that doesn't mean I need to call you that in person or in other communication! If that if there is a name other than your legal name that you would prefer me to use for you, please let me know. You may provide a name other than your legal name only if: a) You are planning to change your legal name and do not use it to identify yourself. In this case, please provide the name you go by in your day to day life and on social media. b) You can provide a reference from another sex worker who you have seen within the past 5 years.


Text, WhatsApp or Signal: +64 21 221 9793


​My preferred method of contact is text message, email or voice message. I do not accept phone calls or video calls unless they have been pre-arranged, although you are welcome to leave a voice message! If you email me first, I will require a confirmation text from the number you provide in your enquiry before we continue our discussion. You are welcome to then delete this text from your own message history if you would prefer. I will never contact you on this number without your permission.

Discretion and  Privacy

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of my business! I ask for your basic details (name and phone number) for my own safety. These will not be shared with anyone unless you request it (ie. if you ask me to give a reference to another provider). I am also open to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements if necessary. I am the only person with access to my texts and emails, so you can rest assured that when you share your details with me, that’s as far as they’ll go. My emails are encrypted to further protect both of our confidentiality. My care for discretion is also reflected in my communication strategies. I never answer phone calls unless they have been pre-arranged, and my voicemail message does not identify me as a sex worker. My responses to messages that do not follow my enquiry guidelines are likewise designed not to broadcast the type of service I provide. This way if anyone finds my contact details associated with yours (eg. children, flatmates, colleagues or family members) and texts or emails me, your personal business stays personal. My bank account is discreetly named, so transfers to me won't stand out on your bank statements. I also provide a reference code that lets me know what your deposit is for and who it's from, whilst simultaneously protecting your privacy. If we see each other unexpectedly outside of the context of a booking, my policy is to act as if I don't know you and this is the first time we’ve met. I ask that you do the same. Likewise, if anyone asks me about you, my blanket response is that I don’t recognise you and we’ve never met.  Your right to privacy will be only be waived if I personally need to make a police report against you (ie. for theft or assault that occurred in a booking). Aside from that very specific context, my discretion is completely assured. I ask that you likewise support my right to privacy. Never record me without my express permission and ongoing consent. Please respect any boundaries I have in place to protect my personal life, and do not share any of my personal or identifying details when recommending me to other people.

Covid-19 & Vaccinations

I always take a RAT test at the start of the day when I am seeing a client. If you are able, I would appreciate it if you could do the same. If you feel unwell within 72 hours of our session, please let me know and we can either reschedule or cancel your booking. I am currently triple-vaccinated against Covid-19, with plans to get my second booster as soon as possible. I also get the flu shot every year, to protect myself and any vulnerable clients. I require my clients to be at least triple-vaccinated against Covid-19, unless a client is unable to take the vaccine for clear disability/medical exemption reasons. Unfortunately, most of Aotearoa's vaccine passes are either expired or about to expire, so I rely on your honesty in this matter.

Safe Sex

Using barrier methods for the prevention of STIs a legal requirement for all commercial sexual services in Aotearoa New Zealand. Section 9 of the Prostitution Reform Act (2003) states that “sex workers and clients must adopt safer sexual practices”. Contravening the laws laid out in the Prostitution Reform Act is a criminal offence, and contravening the safer sex requirements listed in Section 9 can result in a fine of up to $2,000.

Alongside legal obligations, promoting and upholding safer sexual practices is also a personal desire and an ethical commitment. I take seriously my responsibility to protect myself and my sexual partners from sexually transmitted infections. As a result, I have a lot of experience making sure safer sex still feels fantastic for everyone involved! I expect my clients to respect my desire for safer sex, and to uphold their role in maintaining the effective use of barrier methods. As with all good sex, safer sex is a partnership. Requests for uncovered sexual services, boundary pushing in this area, or stealthing (secretly removing safe sex barriers before/during sexual activity) will all result in an immediate termination of our session with no refund. There will be no exceptions. I also reserve the right to file a police report against you in cases of stealthing or other sexual assault.

Consent & Communication

Consent and communication are a package deal! I will tell you my boundaries, what turns me on, and what feels good. I want you to do the same. I will never be hurt or offended if you ask me not to do something, to stop, to do something differently, or to end the session. There is no such thing as a weird request, and you don’t have to explain yourself. Your consent and pleasure are just as important as mine. Please note that my sessions work on a sliding scale of what may be on offer, but there’s no expectation that our time together must contain every available activity. For example, if you book a The Works session, everything from cuddling to kink is hypothetically on the table. If you ask to try something and then decide you don’t like it, that’s ok! The session hasn’t been wasted - we’ll just switch to something else. Likewise, it is my right both legally and ethically to refuse consent, withdraw consent, or end a session at any time. Terminating sessions is not a frequent occurrence — I choose this job because I love sex, and I love exploring! But if I do decide to say no, for any reason and at any time, you must respect my boundaries. In return, I promise to respect yours.

Clients with Disabilities

I am comfortable and experienced meeting clients with a wide variety of disabilities. I have also completed professional disability awareness training through Touching Base Australia, in a course specifically designed for sex workers.

As with any client, the more I know about your needs and desires, the better I will be able to cater for you. I work out of a variety of incalls, so please let me know what accessibility measures you need and I will do my best to accomodate.  I have a few blanket rules for sessions with disabled clients where other people may be involved in the booking process: 1) The client’s support worker must not be in the room during the intimate parts of the session. If they need to be there at the start or finish to help ease the transition, I will need to be told ahead of time. I may also have them on call and waiting nearby to help with non-sexual issues if necessary. However, the majority of the session will be private between the client (or clients) and I. 2) The client must have chosen to see me themself, be aware that there are other providers they could choose to book, and have picked the type of service from my menu (with help/interpretation if necessary). This is to ensure the client’s informed consent. 3) After the session, family and/or support workers do not have a right to the intimate details of the booking. If the client chooses to communicate in more detail about how the session went, that’s up to them, but I will not share that information. My priority as a sex worker is the client’s consent, safety, privacy and enjoyment, as well as my own. The role of any other person in the booking process is to support the client in safely accessing intimacy.


Please note that I require a $50/hr non-refundable deposit to secure our time together. This deposit is deducted from the total booking fee; for example, a 1 hour Simple Pleasures session costs $450 total, consisting of a $50 deposit + $400 on arrival. For pre-bookings, this deposit must be paid at least 24 hours in advance of the booking, using either internet banking or your credit card. Our session will not be considered confirmed until your deposit has cleared. For same-day bookings, the deposit must be paid using your credit card, unless you are a fellow Kiwibank customer. In cases where a deposit is not possible, I will accept your full payment via cash or card on arrival, $50/hr of which will be considered your deposit. 

No-shows or cancellations for same-day bookings will incur a $50 fee per hour you booked, ie. a forfeiture of your deposit, before we can organise a new session. Deposits may be credited towards a future booking at my discretion. Deposits will not be refunded.


You can make a deposit online, using either internet banking or an online payment provider. The exact details of these payment methods will be provided upon enquiry, once we have agreed upon a time and date for our session to take place. Deposits via internet banking must be sent no less than 72 hours before our session is scheduled to take place. My business bank account is discreetly named, and I will provide you an equally discreet reference code to send with the transaction. The online payment provider I use can accept deposits up to an hour before we meet, using your credit card. This is the only deposit option available for last-minute or same-day bookings unless you are a fellow Kiwibank customer, in which case your internet banking deposit will arrive in my account immediately. I accept the rest of your payment via cash or card on arrival.


You can cancel or postpone at any time - life is unpredictable, especially right now!


Cancellations or postponements with less than 2 hours’ notice will forfeit your deposit. If you give 2 hours’ notice or more, your deposit will be transferred to your new booking, or held in credit towards a future booking. 


Deposits are non-refundable, but in some circumstances I will refund the rest of the booking payment (henceforth referred to as a “partial refund”). Partial refunds will be paid out using the same method via which they were recieved (ie. cash, credit card processor or internet banking). I will give you a partial refund if our session hasn’t started yet, or within the first 10 minutes at my discretion. If you leave after touching me, after kissing me or after my clothes come off, there will be no refund. If we are more than ten minutes into a session and I ask you to leave, there will be no refund. Refusal to continue or withdrawal of consent is fully within my rights under the law, although I only exercise this right due to boundary pushing, a breach of consent, a client’s undisclosed STI symptoms or under exceptional circumstances (eg. a personal or medical emergency for either party). If we’re part-way through a session, a genuine emergency occurs and you need to leave, the remaining time & funds will be credited towards a future booking. If you otherwise want to leave early, or if you fake an emergency, there will be no refund.

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