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Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. How do I contact you?

  2. What should I include in my enquiry?

  3. When will you respond to my enquiry?

  4. When will you be in my area?

  5. When are you available?

  6. What languages do you speak? / ¿Qué idiomas hablas?

  7. Do you have social media?

  8. Do you offer online services?

  9. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

  10. How do I pay for a booking?

  11. Why do you need a deposit?

  12. What gifts do you like?

  13. Can I trust you to protect my privacy?

  14. How should I behave if we accidentally run into each other outside of a booking?

  15. Will you provide a reference for me to another companion?

  16. Does my [ethnicity/religion/gender/sexual orientation/size/age (R18)] affect whether you will see me?

  17. Do you see clients with disabilities?

  18. I’m a “virgin” / inexperienced at the thing I want to try / have never booked an escort before. Does that matter?

  19. Will you kiss me on the mouth?

  20. Do you fake orgasms?

  21. Are you a “squirter”?

  22. What turns you on?

  23. What services don’t you offer?

  24. What is Giantess fetish?

  25. What if I don’t want to have sex during a "full service" session? 

  26. How can I get to know you without making a full service booking?

  27. Are you willing to see me without money involved?

  28. If you only want to see me professionally, does that mean you don’t like me / the sex isn’t good / we don’t have a genuine connection?

  29. May I take a photo or short video of you before/during/after our session?

  30. May I make a video or audio recording of our session?

  31. Do you see clients with STIs?

  32. Can I get a refund?

How do I contact you?


My NZ mobile number is +64 21 221 9793. International lovers can contact me on Signal or WhatsApp using this number. You can also email me at


I prefer texts, emails or voice message enquiries. I do not answer phone calls or video chat requests unless they have been pre-arranged, but you’re welcome to leave me a voicemail.

What should I include in my enquiry?


Please include:


  • Your name

  • How you heard about me

  • What service/s you are interested in booking -

  • When and where you would like our session to take place

  • Your cellphone number (if you are enquiring via email)


More details and advice about how to approach me are available in my guideline to enquiries.

When will you respond to my enquiry?


I aim to reply to serious enquiries within 24 hours. I always respond within 72 hours at most during any week that I'm available for bookings.

If you haven’t received a response, here are a few possible explanations:


  1. I’m sick or on hiatus! If this is the case you will hopefully have received an automatic reply explaining the situation & when to expect a response. Check my Twitter just in case - if I’m sick or on hiatus, I usually pin a post with more details at the top of my profile.

  2. You might have mis-typed my contact, or you’re using an out of date number/email. Check that the number/email you sent the enquiry to matches the one on my website’s contact page.

  3. Your message wasn’t a complete enquiry. Please read my contact page and make sure you have provided all the requested information. This will make your message stand out from the many "hi"s and "u avail"s in my inbox. 
    Messages that are checking in, sharing memes or sending me life updates are lovely, and I read them when I can! But I can’t guarantee a quick response.

  4. You emailed me, and my reply is in your Spam folder or has been rejected as spam by your mailer. This is an unfortunate side effect of trying to communicate on the internet as a sex worker! If there’s no email from me in your spam folder, try texting me, either directly or via Signal or WhatsApp.

When will you be in my area?


Right now I am based in Wellington / Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Any tour dates and locations are listed in my schedule.

When are you available?


My schedule lists my available dates, times and locations.

What languages do you speak? / ¿Qué idiomas hablas?


I’m fluent in English, proficient in Spanish, and learning Te Reo Māori, Welsh & New Zealand Sign Language. I am comfortable using either Spanish or English in pre-booking discussions and during our session.


You hablo Inglés con fluidez, Español competente, y estoy aprendiendo Te Reo Māori, galés y la lengua de signos de Nueva Zelanda. Me siento cómodo hablando en Español o Ingles cuando escribiendo sobre una cita y durante de nuestra sesión.

Do you have social media?


I have Twitter and Instagram, both using the handle @rhiarhodes. I’m generally more active on Twitter!

Do you offer online services?


I offer online services, but only to clients who I have met in person. If we’ve spent time together before, feel free to enquire about custom content and one on one video calls.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


I have never been tattooed or pierced cosmetically in my life! I don’t even have my ears pierced. I appreciate body art on other people, but my own body is un-modified so far.

How do I pay for a booking?

You can pay the initial $50/hr deposit using either internet banking or your credit card. I accept the rest of the payment up front via cash or card at the start of our session.

Visit my payment policy for more details!

Why do you need a deposit?


Your deposit reimburses me for the time I put aside to see you, preparation, admin, and any missed income from other potential bookings. It also indicates that you are serious about showing up.

What gifts do you like?


Gifts are never expected, but if you ever want to bring a treat I’ll be touched! For those who insist, a good bet for me is always cash or book vouchers. You can find more suggestions on my Wishtender.

Can I trust you to protect my privacy?


Absolutely! You can read my full Discretion and Privacy policy to learn more about the steps I take to safeguard your confidentiality. I only ask that you extend me the same courtesy.

How should I behave if we accidentally run into each other outside of a booking?


Simple: we both act as if we don’t know each other! This means giving the other person a wide berth wherever possible, and behaving like total strangers if a social situation arises where we need to interact. I’m happy to share a quick knowing look or smile, but only if you initiate 😊 Otherwise I’ll prioritise your privacy.

Will you provide a reference for me to another companion?


I’d love to! Thanks for prioritising your provider’s safety and comfort by providing references.


Just follow these steps if you want me to be a reference for you:


  1. Send me an email with the following information:
    The provider’s industry name, social media handles, website (or ad link if they don’t have a website), email address and phone number.
    Confirmation of your consent for me to act as a reference for you if I am contacted by that provider.

  2. After you have emailed me, give the worker in question my social media handles, website link (not my ad link), email address and phone number, then tell them to contact me if they


Please note that I take no responsibility for another provider's decision to see a client or not. This decision comes down to many factors, not just my reference.

Does my [ethnicity/religion/gender/sexual orientation/size/age] affect whether you will see me?


I don't discriminate based on these kinds of factors, provided you are a consenting adult. I have had lovers from a wide variety of backgrounds, in both my personal and professional sex life. Never assume you’re not my type!


My key requirements for a booking are:


  • You are 18 or older

  • You are vaccinated against Covid-19 (unless you have a medical exemption)

  • You consent to our activities during the booking, express your boundaries, and feel able to say no when you need to

  • You respect my boundaries

  • You value my safety and privacy

Do you see clients with disabilities?


I definitely do! See my guideline for clients with disabilities for more information.

I’m a “virgin” / inexperienced at the thing I want to try / have never booked an escort before. Does that matter?


Not at all! First-times, in any area, are some of my most cherished sessions — I’m always honoured to be trusted with a sexual debut. I’ll do my best to check in with you, reassure you, teach you, and give honest feedback. Let's have fun together!

Will you kiss me on the mouth?


For both of our privacy, I don’t kiss clients in public — but in private I love kissing! My only conditions are that you want me to kiss you, you have good oral hygiene, and you aren’t showing symptoms of a virus, flu or cold. Exceptions to the flu symptoms requirement can be made for clients with respiratory disabilities.


I should also note that not everyone likes kissing or wants to kiss during a session. If you’re one of those people, that’s okay! There are plenty of other activities I love just as much.

Do you fake orgasms?


Personally, I don’t fake orgasms or enjoyment during sessions. Instead, I prioritise communication so that no faking is required!


Every person is unique, so no matter how “experienced” a lover is, there will always be specifics to learn - and I’m an excellent teacher 😉 Likewise, I want you to tell me about your body - what turns you on, what feels great, what doesn’t, and what you want done differently.


The only time I will fake an orgasm or enjoyment is if you specifically request it, eg. for kink reasons.

Are you a “squirter”?


I absolutely am! Squirting happens organically for me, and often. Because I can't do it on demand I never guarantee it for a session, but definitely come prepared for it to happen.

What turns you on?


Put simply, I love giving and receiving pleasure of all kinds. The list of all my interests and things I want to try would be too long to publish here, but suffice to say that I a have a voracious sexual appetite and love getting creative 😉 I also adore getting lost in sensation and appreciating the simple things.


There are some services that I don’t offer (listed below), but I’m open to pretty much anything else! When in doubt, communicate.

What services don’t you offer?

I don't provide:

  • Rope bondage

  • Urethral sounding

  • Anal penetration on me

  • Tie and tease on me, unless you’re a regular client who I trust

  • Anything that leaves prolonged marks or swelling on my body! Getting regularly marked up from my sessions would be pretty impractical.

  • Choking on me

  • BBBJ/uncovered oral or other unprotected sex. It’s illegal to provide or request this service in New Zealand, and safe sex is also a non-negotiable personal boundary for me.

  • Infantilisation of me or CGL/DDLG where I am the Little. I’m happy to be your Mummy, though!

  • Tonsil-licking kisses. I like kissing and light frenching, but if it’s all tongue and no technique I’m going to ask for something else.

  • Overnight bookings or Fly Me To You, except with trusted clients who have booked me before


What is a Giantess fetish?


Giantess fetish can mean different things for different devotees, but it generally centres around an attraction to large/tall women, and deriving pleasure from feeling small in comparison.


Components of an in-person giantess session can include the “tiny” (the submissive recipient) being squished, picked up, carried, stood on or above, stepped over, ignored, or other activities that demonstrate the largeness of the giantess and make the recipient feel small or insignificant. Heel worship can also be a component.


As a strong, curvy woman standing at about 6’5”(195cm) in heels and 6’ (182cm) without, I attract a lot of giantess enthusiasts! Personally I adore these sessions - they make me feel sexy and powerful.

What if I don’t want to have sex during a "full service" session? 


You are paying for my time and attention - what we do with that time & attention is up to the two of us! You can withdraw consent for any activity at any time - I’ll never be offended.


My bookings work on a sliding scale of what *can* be on offer, but that doesn’t mean every booking will contain all the available activities! For example, The Works has the most options available to explore, but if you book a The Works session and end up just wanting to chat, or cuddle, that is just as much a part of the session’s intent as anything else.


See my Experiences page to browse options.

How can I get to know you without making a full service booking?


If you want to get to know more about me or gauge our chemistry before getting physically intimate, you can:



If you have a question directly relating to a booking you’d like to make, contact me and we can discuss it.

Will you spend time with me without money involved?


If you ask this question, the answer will always be no. Even if I had been considering it beforehand, having my time and labour disrespected by asking to receive it for free is a huge turn-off. If I’m interested in dating you without money involved, I will tell you directly.

If you only want to see me professionally, does that mean you don’t like me / the sex isn’t good / we don’t have a genuine connection?


Absolutely not! Enforcing my boundaries isn’t about you, it’s about me. I know myself, and I know what my life has the space to include.

May I take a photo or short video of you before/during/after our session?


It's always best to assume recording is not allowed not unless you have my explicit permission, so make sure you always ask first! I'm not offended by clients asking if they can make some small digital recordings, and might agree to this request in the moment, provided you:

  • ALWAYS ask me first, every time

  • Get my consent every time. Me saying yes one time does not mean you have blanket permission to record me whenever you feel like it.

  • Make sure to keep my face out of the frame

  • Give me your camera afterwards so I can go through the photos myself and remove any I don't feel comfortable with

  • Never share this material with anyone else or on social media


If you don’t follow the above caveats, the answer will always be no! Taking photos, videos and/or audio recordings of me during a session without my full and ongoing consent is a crime under NZ law. So is sharing them — any photos will be for your eyes and mine only.

May I make a longer (2 min +) video or audio recording of our session?




However, at my discretion, with your full consent, and for an extra fee, I can record our booking and send you an edited video/audio clip or pictures. This service is called The Real Pornstar Experience — see more on the dedicated page for this service. My face will not be in this material, and it will be for our eyes only.


Recording our session without my consent is a crime and will result in immediate termination of the session, destruction/confiscation of the recording device, a police report, and legal action. Likewise, distributing/sharing any intimate personal images of me is  a crime and will also result in a police report and legal action. Don’t do it.

Do you see clients with STIs?


I may at my discretion see clients with some incurable STIs that can be reliably avoided using safer sex methods and medication, such as HIV or the herpes simplex virus. I will only agree to see you in these cases if you disclose your incurable STI up front in your enquiry, are well-informed about how to avoid transmission, and are proactive about safe sex. If your STI is curable, please see a doctor, undergo treatment and return a negative test before booking a session.


If I notice STI symptoms during our booking that you did not disclose up front, I will end the booking and recommend you get a checkup. If your STI cannot be effectively covered by a barrier method and you ask me to touch the uncovered area, or touch me with it without my permission or knowledge, your booking will be terminated.


Be honest, be proactive, be careful, and all will be well!

Can I get a refund?


Deposits are non-refundable, but in some circumstances I will refund the rest of the booking payment. Check out my Refunds policy for more details.

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