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​My preferred methods of contact are text message, email or voice message. I do not pick up phone calls or video calls unless they have been pre-arranged. If you have difficulty writing or reading in English, you are welcome to leave a voicemail or request a call!

When you first contact me, please include:


  • Your name

  • How you heard about me 

  • What service/s you are interested in booking

  • When and where you would like our session to take place

  • Your cellphone number (if you are enquiring via email)

Text, Voicemail, WhatsApp or Signal: +64 21 221 9793


You’re also welcome to include any session-related questions, concerns, or information about yourself that you think might be useful! If there are times/dates where it would be inconvenient for you to receive texts or emails from me, please include these in your enquiry or at any stage thereafter.

If you email me first, I will require a confirmation text from the number you provide in your enquiry before we continue our discussion. You are welcome to then delete this text from your own message history if you would prefer. I will never contact you on this number without your permission.

Visit my guideline to enquiries for more information, including an enquiry template and extra information for international lovers.

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