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Overnights & Fly Me To You

Overnight bookings and Fly Me To You (F.M.T.Y.) may be available at my discretion, and only to clients I have met in person before.

My personal effects are off limits. Tampering with them in any way will result in an immediate termination of your booking with no refund.




14-16 hours (including at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.)

Location: I can either host you at my incall, or visit your hotel room/AirBnB, provided your accomodation is based in or near the CBD. Overnights at private residences are very unlikely, although exceptions may be made if we have a long-term client-companion relationship.

Fly Me To You

Don't want to wait for my next tour? Need a travelling companion? Fly me to you!

Price: Ticket prices + $80/hr travel time + accomodation fee for the night/s our session will take place.


I will send you a quote for tickets and accomodation, then book them myself.

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