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Cosy Courting

Whether you crave cuddles, prefer taking things slow, or just love hanging out: this is the session for you! Cosy Courting encompasses casual outings for food, laid back entertainment, spa days and/or cuddles in private.

I'd be delighted to catch a movie, banter over a meal, binge-watch some TV, or people-watch on a picnic! I'm also more than happy to just cuddle up on a gloomy day and stroke your hair. The sole purpose of this session is to spend quality time together, without sexual expectations.


30 min // $250

1 hour // $350

1.5 hrs // $550

2 hrs // $700

Add $300 per extra hour


  • This is a clothed date with no intimate touching, groping or kissing. Snuggling is welcome in private but limited in public, to maintain both of our privacy!

  • If we go out for food, relaxation or entertainment, you cover the bill. If I'm entertaining, I'll provide snacks and beverages.

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