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Thank you so much to the lovely clients who shared their experiences here, and made me blush in the process! 

“The problem is where to look. Delicious long legs, sinuous curves and a face that demands to be kissed. Well that was what my partner thought and I happened to agree with her. I had the best time that evening. Erudite beauty and a filthy mind make for a devastating combination, sigh!” 


Mr S

“My time with Rhiannon was absolutely magical. She thoughtfully orchestrates a beautiful, relaxing, and truly intimate experience. She radiates sunshine in a way that both brightens and soothes, and you’re completely transfixed at every moment. Rhiannon is even more stunning than her photos. Her gorgeous curves wrapped in lingerie will forever be on my mind.


I especially valued that she’s emotionally intelligent; she’s intuitive to your desires, and pays attention to detail. For those new to this, or appreciate someone taking the lead, Rhiannon is wonderful at gently guiding you on how best to please her. Beyond the decadent and sensuous intimacy which exceeded all of my expectations, she’s a wonderful conversationalist and a total charmer. I wish I had booked longer so I could whisper sweet nothings with her all afternoon…” 

Miss C

"Rhiannon is an enchanting delight and sensual as fuck! That grin... Also, she's fun, well read and smarter than you. Prepare to fall hard."


“Rhiannon has the amazing ability to make you feel sexy and the centre of her universe! The great conversations are perfect in making you feel relaxed and I can guarantee that you want to see her again and again.” 



"My encounters with Rhiannon have been nothing short of transformational. A woman who knows her own mind, and body, she is as much an intelligent person who it is an uncommon pleasure to spend time with, as she is a goddess in the flesh with whom to experience many other pleasures.” 

Mr M

If you'd like to add your own experience, email with the subject title "Testimonial" or "Review".

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